1. Complete Parts 1 (Basic Information) and 2 (typed letter) of the Petition for Early Readmission After Suspension Form A. If you plan to attend Summer Sessions (Maymester is not an option), you must complete the second form, Summer Addendum as well.
  2. Call your academic advisor to schedule a meeting.
  3. Take the petition and your letter to the meeting with your advisor. If approved, your advisor will sign the form and help you create the schedule for Part 3.
  4. Once you have the approval of your academic advisor, you will need to schedule a meeting with the dean of your college.
  5. If the dean signs and approves your petition, you must call 662-325-7228 to schedule a meeting with Mrs. Drake. YOU MUST HAVE ALL SIGNATURES REQUIRED FIRST.

The petition deadline for spring-suspended students to have all five steps completed for summer 2022 enrollment is May 27, 2022, at 12:00 pm (noon). Both the petition and the summer addendum must be submitted at once. The deadline for spring-suspended students only interested in fall 2022 enrollment is August 1, 2022, at noon. Students suspended at the end of the spring term may not enroll in Maymester.