Typically, once placed on academic suspension, a student must sit out of the university for a semester. However, as an alternative, the Office of the Provost and The Learning Center have designed a program that allows students on academic suspension to stay in school and improve their academic standing and progress. Housed in The Learning Center, the Learning Skills Support Program (LSSP) provides techniques that prepare the student to be academically successful in the future.

If a student’s academic advisor (or department head) and the dean of his/her college agree on this option, a student will be allowed to enroll that semester taking no more than 16 hours, rather than sitting out. However, should the student be denied early readmission, the program is still an option for the student upon his/her return after sitting out his/her required semester.

When a student is suspended, s/he is both mailed and emailed a copy of the petition paperwork (this is also available on the Provost’s website under Student Forms). The student is required to complete Part 1 (student’s general information) and Part 2 (a letter from the student, typed and double-spaced, explaining what went wrong leading up to his/her suspension and what changes are going to be made to improve the student’s academics) of Form A BEFORE s/he meets with his/her academic advisor. The student must then schedule a meeting with his/her advisor to complete the rest of the Petition (Part 3 for fall and spring while summer will also include Form B the Summer Addendum). If the student’s advisor agrees to this, s/he will sign the form and then the student must meet with the Dean of his/her college. Once the student has that signature, s/he can meet with the Coordinator to sign the Contract.

The Petition for Early Readmission after Suspension (Form A-fall/spring; Form B-summer) can be found at: